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Piping – KMP Consultant
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We have an established presence in the field of piping deliverables owing to the vast wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. We ensure that each and every piping deliverable is in sync with the industry standards.

The range of piping deliverables we deal in is exhaustive in nature and spans across a wide spectrum. To begin with we design process piping for high, medium as well as low-pressure categories. We excel in designing of utility piping such as those used for HP Steam, LP Steam, cooling water supply, Nitrogen supply, Firefighting, Fire Hydrant systems and both HP as well as LP steam Condensates lines.

We design line class and pipe support as per client data sheets. Piping Stress Analysis is another arena where we made our mark and exceeded customer expectations. Piping stress analysis software Caesar II latest version shall be leased till the project engineering drawing approvals, and Engineering drawing preparations shall be done by Auto Cad latest software’s. 3D modeling on SP3D by lease basis, Fabrication spool Extraction Isometric Drawings will be prepared using Spool Gen software on the lease basis.

We prepare and deliver cost estimate along with sample drawings / basic calculation for complete lines including Instrumentation & Electrical, for contractors / Major Consultants.

We carry out site survey for as-built drawing preparation of P&ID / Piping Plan / Equipment Location plan / Isometrics updates.

We made our self-in-house Specification for Line class standard, Isometric standard blocks for pipe accessories such as Valves, orifice, pumps, tanks etc.

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